Guidance Counseling Update

Guidance Lessons

New Podcast Episode!  https://anchor.fm/sdjapodcast

Check out our amazing first graders in this month’s SDJA Mindful Moment Podcast! This awesome communication tool will help our students teach YOU –their parents and our school community- about the social emotional tools they are learning in class. Featuring first grade students on our private podcast channel (only available to those with the following  link), our second episode highlights an emotional literacy framework called the Zones of Regulation.  This is a curriculum which helps students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, and leads to increased control and problem-solving abilities. Students learn to identify their emotions and how to manage them in different environments.

1A and 1B each have their own episode this month, featuring every single one of our first grade students! Listen to the episode with your child to hear their voice! 


Kindergartners started learning about how to differentiate between small problems and big problems, as well as practice using nine strategies to help solve small problems, with the Kelso’s Choice lessons.  More information will come home from teachers shortly. 

This month, 3rd-5th grade guidance lessons focused on:

  • Aspects of identity 

  • Identity based bullying and transforming bystanders into upstanders 

  • Conflict escalation and resolution 

  • The Anger Iceberg and Assertive Communication 

  •  Cultivating a gratitude practice for enhanced wellness 

Parent Education Opportunities

We are continuing to build our SDJA parent community with programs that create opportunities to connect, learn, and grow. We hope to see you this month: 

Monday December 16, 8:20-9:20 am, Mindful and Conscious Parenting Series for K-12 parents, Moadon.

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