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Fifth Grade’s Trip to BizTown

Written by the Union Tribune Employees: Yael Meltzer, Gabrielle Scott, and Ella Schaffer

On December 3rd, 2019, the fifth graders went to JA BizTown. Not only was it a field trip, it was a fun, educational experience for all students. Many jobs encountered challenges with customer service, loans, advertisements, writing checks and balancing their money. Before visiting BizTown, students prepared by writing checks, writing deposit slips, making advertisements, and collaborating to make their business stand out from the rest. The fifth graders greatly appreciate Mrs. Heyde, Mrs. Dolinka, Mrs. Copans, Gaby Wellman and all of the wonderful chaperones who took time out of their day to come to BizTown and prepare us for the occasion.

Our school was privileged with eight jobs. BizTown Professional Services where they reviewed legal documents, helped customers understand insurance policies, and even when they gave an award to the individual who was dressed for success. Kaiser Permanente where they gave people checkups to make sure they are healthy. NBC 7 San Diego where people were on-air broadcasting or behind the scenes working the camera, directing, managing, or taking charge. SDG+E where they talked to people about energy, how they used it and researched the power consumption at every business. US Bank where they helped people financially meaning with deposits, or cashing checks, or even just having someone you can trust to talk to about your money. Nemeth Veterinary Clinic and Adoption Center where they educated citizens on animals, made sure the animals were healthy, and made sure the animals get adopted to a good person. Parts of City Hall where they gave speeches and ran BizTown checking to make sure things are okay, and they followed up on all of the city’s transactions. Then The San Diego Union Tribune where they wrote articles, collaborated, interviewed students, and advertise for their business. 

Each student was tasked with jobs to complete throughout the day. Students had to open a checking account, manage their personal and business banking, and complete job-specific tasks during the day. We participated in town hall meetings, took breaks, and worked hard to pay back our business loans. The kids had a wonderful time and are excited to learn more about business and entrepreneurship in the coming weeks. 

Whether the students were at NBC 7 News interviewing people on tv or at Kaiser giving checkups, every single student took home something better than what they came with. They came back with experience!


Interview with Mayor Jinich

The Union Tribune had the great pleasure to interview the esteemed mayor of JA Biztown. We believe that all citizens should feel very secure thanks to Ariana. She constantly checks to make sure that everyone, and I quote, “has a safe, organized city and that everyone has a good time.” Arianan loves to help everybody be a leader. She explains how being mayor is a very busy job that requires leadership skills and being friendly. Ariana is excited to be mayor and she hopes that her public speaking skills will grow. She is looking forward to inform citizens about what is going on in the neighborhood. I can assure you that we are in good hands.

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