Chanukah Message

By Rabbi Frank

It has always struck me that during this darkest time of year, when days are short and nights are long, we Jews are commanded to kindle light.  To me, this is the special beauty of Chanukah – we turn a season of prolonged darkness into a time of joy, family celebration, and giving to others.  As our country, the State of Israel and, indeed, our world faces many serious challenges, we can be inspired to consider what we might do to banish darkness. 

As the Midrash teaches us, we cannot shout the darkness away, or even sweep it from our midst.  The only way to truly eliminate darkness is to kindle light – by multiplying our good deeds with love and generosity.

In this spirit, we send you our warmest wishes for a very Happy Chanukah.  May you be blessed with much light in your lives, and may you find meaningful ways to share your light with others.

Chag HaUrim Sameach,

Rabbi David Frank

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