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Collaborative Problem-Solving

It’s not enough to provide rigorous academics that challenge students intellectually. Jobs and wage growth opportunities open up for those who have the social skills needed in order to work well with others. That’s why we work with great intention to help our students become excellent collaborative problem-solvers.

According to Andreas Schleicher who oversees the Programme for International Student Assessment, “Strong academic skills will not automatically lead to strong social skills. As workplaces are the globe are demanding – and paying higher wages for – people with well-honed social skills, schools need to do more to help their students develop these skills.”

At GMLS, we work hard to help your child develop these essential skills by creating multiple ways, across disciplines, for students to work together to solve problems, create products, design solutions, and much more. On the front page of your child’s report card, you will see the Characteristics of Successful Learners – a list of the key ingredients for successful collaboration.

With much longer conference times this year, we hope that you will have a greater opportunity to talk with your child’s teachers about your child’s strengths and areas for growth in this important area.

Kelley King

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