“What’s in a Name”

Families – It’s pop-quiz time. No don’t run!

I promise we will not grade you or put it on your permanent record.

Now that your heart rate has started to come back to normal, can you answer the following:

  1. Do you know the names of the parents in your son’s/daughter’s class?

  2. Do you know the names of the parents in your son’s/daughter’s grade?

  3. Extra Bonus: Do you know the names of at least half of the parents in three or more grades?

By now some of you are thinking: “Well, I know most of the kids’ names; does that count?” Others are saying, “I’m just not good with names.”

While it may be embarrassing if you wish everyone had name tags, the good news is that the human brain did not evolve to remember people’s names. In fact, the act or custom of giving each other names is relatively recent in evolutionary history. The architecture of our brain makes it easier for us to remember pieces of information that are linked together. It’s called the “Baker/Baker paradox” (feel free to google it if you need more detail). The point is that you are more likely to remember someone’s name if you can link it to information about them.

So as your homework (just kidding – parents don’t get homework *wink*), I not only challenge you to learn the names of more parents at our school, but to learn something about them. Really get to know more of our amazing parents. Share a coffee, invite someone for hike, or take a moment at drop-off to learn something new.

Chanukah is coming.  The PTO and Admissions Office will be working together to set up opportunities to get together based on neighborhoods. Take the opportunity to share lighting of the menorah with families in your neighborhood. And get to know them. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

Jordanna Rubin

PTO Chair

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