Tikkun Olam Efforts at GMLS

GMLS students are continually involved in Tikkun Olam efforts. Tikkun Olam is a Jewish concept defined by acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world. The phrase is found in the Mishnah, a body of classical rabbinic teachings. It is often used when discussing issues of social policy to ensure a safeguard to those who may be at a disadvantage. In Jewish teachings, any activity that improves the world helps to bring it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. Tikkun Olam embodies the spirit of this philanthropy. Increasing the well-being of humankind is one of the key elements of repairing the world. Helping those who are in need, no matter in what capacity, is crucial and “holy” work. Tikkun Olam, as it relates to practical methods, applies to working in all communities, not just Jewish communities.

During the past few months, many of our students have been involved in collecting toys and food items that were donated to kids in need through Lake of Love Tikkun Olam project.   We have received donations of backpacks that our 2nd graders will fill up with food items.  On December 19th, our 2nd graders will go on a field trip Palomar Counseling Center in Escondido where they will distribute the backpacks to children in need.  

On December 6th, our 1st graders will be involved in a Tikkun Olam field trip where they’ll go to entertain and celebrate Chanukah with Holocaust survivors at their annual Chanukah party at Jewish Family Services (JFS).

In the next two weeks, our whole school will be involved in the Embrace-A-Family Program. Each year through the JFS Embrace-A-Family Program, individuals, families, and groups in the community help ensure families in need have a joyous holiday celebration. Many Embrace-A-Family recipients would not have holiday celebrations without this program. Each classroom has been matched with a family in need so we can provide toys, clothing, food gift certificates, gift cards and more.  Each class is being provided with a description of the family and their holiday wish lists.

We will also be involved as a school in the Tamchui Program. The  Tamchui Project is a school-wide philanthropic endeavor that educates students about meaningful social justice learning and provides a broader understanding of needs in the world around them and ways to provide impact. Every SDJA student will be able to “support” the five different charities which were selected by allocating five tokens to the charity/charities of their choice during Tamchui Week, December 10-14.

Tikkun Olam is an example of how we fulfill our school’s mission of active Jewish learning. Thank you, parents, for the time, effort and resources you commit to helping us bring Tikkun Olam alive at SDJA. We know that our children – and our world – will become better and stronger for it.

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