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Scoop From The Coop This week’s edition was written by Joshua Sprung

As one of the chicken handlers, it is my job to collect eggs and care for our chickens on a daily basis. In this article, I am going to discuss the daily schedule for the chickens and the handlers.

Every day the handlers and I go down to the coop at 10:15 to take care of the chickens during our snack time.  First, we open the cage and catch the chickens. We are careful to handle them very gently. We then put them all in the condo so we can clean the coop. If they escape, we give them some extra free time before locking them up for a little bit. It is easier for us to clean the cage when they are all locked in the condo and out of the way.  Even though it is a little gross to clean the chicken poop, it is good for the soil. During their exercise time, the chickens also catch some grubs so they can experience what it feels like to catch their own food. They’re mostly fed by us so catching the grubs is important for them. This is also good because if they got out of the cage and we didn’t find them they would survive using the skills that they have.

The last thing we do at 10:15 each day is to collect the eggs. We probably get around three eggs a day and at the most nine eggs. It has happened before! We are very gentle when we put the eggs in a basket and bring them to the GMLS office.  We package them in cartons and then, once the carton is full, we polish the eggs so they’re ready for delivery.

During our lunchtime at 12:15 we visit the chickens again.  We put them back in the cage and feed them from their food bucket. Thursday is an important day in our schedule because that is when we clean the entire cage during lunch.

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