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Scoop From The Coop This week’s edition was written by Nadine Schwarzblat and Hannah Gutman

This week we decided to share the five lessons we’ve learned about business through our BizTown studies and how those lessons apply to our chicken business, Got Eggs?.


  1. Learn How To Manage Your Money

Managing money is important in business because you cannot get paid one million dollars for your company’s needs and just spend it all on supplies. You would never make any profit that way. With Got Eggs?, we have a financial team that manages our money and lets us know how much we have, how much we owe, and how much we have available to spend on supplies.


  1. Organizing Jobs and Take Turns

Organizing jobs and taking turns is always important because if you are not organized it is hard for your business to run smoothly. Taking turns in our business and rotating the chicken handlers is important because we have learned a little about each part of the business and it helps us with teamwork. This also helps us understand each other’s jobs better.


  1. Marketing Is Key

Marketing is always key because it is the main way to get people to buy from your business.  It is also important to tell people why they should choose your business over any other. Marketing is very important if you are starting your own business or trying to grow your business.  We market to the SDJA families and also participate in events like the farm stand.


  1. Know Your Product

If anyone asks you a question about your business, you should always be able to answer it easily. You should always know what you are selling, how much it costs, and why it is a quality product. We learned a lot about quality products during our BizTown studies and that has helped us a lot when handling Got Eggs?.


  1. Enjoy What You Do

You should always enjoy what you do no matter what. You should always have a smile on your face so your customers feel comfortable.  Act like you want to be there and be aware of what you are doing and how it affects others. The most important aspect of enjoying your job is that you always should be friendly to your customers no matter what.  At Got Eggs?, our customer service is key and we always try to serve and deliver eggs with a smile.

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