Classroom Wellness

Over the past few years the MUS has implemented multiple programs and structural shifts to support a mentally healthy learning environment. We embarked on this journey out of a desire to tend to not only the academic growth of our students but also to ensure our MUS learning space is one of positivity and balance. Upper school education in independent college preparatory school is intense. Courses are challenging and the expectations for student engagement in the classroom and in co-curriculars are high. Ours is a very active campus with students and faculty participating in a multitude of programs all aligned with our mission with an underlying motive of ensuring SDJA students become active protagonists in college and beyond. 


EXCSEL, mentoring, free-PE, the 8:30 academic start time, the rotating block schedule with strategic placements of breaks during the day, a student driven and socially conscience based Tikkun Olam program, and workshops led by our MUS Psychologist and specific experts are but a few of the components of our effort in establishing a healthy space for our MUS community. In this edition of our MUS newsletter we are highlighting a middle school program that aims to help students develop a strategy to function better in the stressful world we all live.

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