Our high school Artistic Minyan, led by Liz Nebo and Yvonne Webber, uses techniques from the Teacher Institute of Arts Summer Seminar to assist students in diving deeply into Jewish texts through artistic exploration. On Monday, December 9, we were fortunate to have a mentor, Linda Parmet, from the Teacher Institute of the Arts Program on our campus leading student workshops. Ms. Parmet helped the Artistic Minyan students focus on their year-long project and led them through part of a process called Synectics. Synectics leads participants through a journey to take their mind off the issue they are working through and hopes for an a-ha moment of clarification where the solution will present itself. Students talked through different scenarios and then were able to come up with a few new ideas for the project.


Ms. Parmet also worked with 7th grade students in Judaic Studies and Hebrew 3. In the Judaic Studies classes, she explored Middot (Jewish values and character traits) with the students using a toolkit created by renowned Jewish artist David Moss. The students then created their own artistic representations of one of the SDJA values: Ahavat Adonai, Yisrael, Menschlichkeit, Torah, Ahavah, Klal Yisrael, Gemilut Hasadim, Tzedakah.


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