Shabbat and Tikkun Olam

Middle and High School Student Government Celebrate Shabbat Together

Sammi Dorfan

Last Friday night (December 1), Student Government members came together not to plan events or to brainstorm initiatives, but rather to say Kiddish and indulge in homemade Challah.

One of the things that made this Shabbat celebration so unique was the fact that the middle school and high school divisions of Student Government came together around one table. While there is some interaction between the two divisions, the members of each attend separate meetings and manage their affairs independently of one another. Shabbat was the perfect opportunity for all Student Government representatives to engage and embrace the thing that ties them together: their devotion to SDJA. This ‘meeting’ was somewhat unconventional since it took place off-campus in a household. The unconventionality, however, only made conversations richer, bonding deeper, and the celebration of Jewishness more festive.



High School Anatomy / Physiology Class Project to Help Local Homeless Teens

Over the course of the last couple months, our high school anatomy class has been learning about the vital importance of sleep, as well as the negative effects sleep deprivation can cause. Not only have we seen that it can cause emotional distress, but it also can physically alter a person’s quality of life.

Moving on with our sleep unit, we came across the fact that there are 23,000 homeless teenagers living in San Diego County. Our city, San Diego, now has the sixth largest population of homeless in the United States. Realizing that these teens are being deprived from an essential need, we want to make a change in our community and help kids that are going through the same stage of life as us.

It our community time program last week we presented our project and showed a video on teenage homelessness. In order to bring support the local community, we are initiating a clothing drive to help homeless teens in San Diego to have a better night’s sleep. Over the next week, (December 6-14th) we invite you to bring any type of clothes, shoes, and blankets in good condition (new socks and underwear only please). We will have boxes in the high school quad for you to drop off your donations.

As a Jewish community, we not only have the power to help these kids, but we are also inclined to by the Torah and natural human instinct. As taken from the Talmud:

“To help a fellow man may be to tip the scales (of G-d’s reckoning) for the entire world.” ~ Adapted from Talmud, Kiddushin 40:2

To view video click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVVS1Bqg6Zw

High School Anatomy / Physiology Students from SDJA

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