As it is every year during the weeks leading up to winter break, the upper school campus is a buzz of activity. The winter sports season is underway with multiple teams playing games and matches daily, the academic program is full of projects and assessments coming due at a brisk pace and the fall semester concludes on January 23. These challenges and opportunities are part and parcel of our school since developing the traits necessary to successfully navigate a rigorous program of leaning are the same that are practiced by the most successful people in any given endeavor – persistence, consistency, reflection and being present.

As we enter into a much needed period of rejuvenation and time away from the daily routine of school, I hope you will include reflection in your winter break plans. Whether travel or a staycation is in your plans, school breaks are most opportune times to dialogue with your child and encourage your child to reflect.

Was there something new that I encountered this semester; in class or lab or arts room or athletic team or club that energized my curiosity and what am I going to do about it?

In my school life, do I concentrate on what I DO know and what I CAN do or the opposite?

How do I feel about my approach to my learning? Is there something to change?

When a task or challenge seems overwhelming: What do I do? And do my actions lead to success?

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