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Dr Rob Valli, PhD and Rabbi Joshua Ladon

Innovation and Entrepreneurship from a Real World Perspective.

Lindy Benson’s AP Macro Economic classes recently had the opportunity hear from a serial entrepreneur / investment banker on how the modern innovation economy functions. Dr. Rob Valli, Ph.D. is currently a Dean at the Long Island University – Post School of Management and holds degrees from UC- Berkley, Stanford and Cambridge University. Dr. Valli’s professional background in both investment banking and technology ventures in the Silicon Valley, policy development at the Kauffman Foundation and the academic domain combines for a very thought provoking view of the global economy. During his discussion with the AP Econ students, Dr. Valli combined the tenants of Clusternomics, the innovation ecosystem of technology clusters like Silicon Valley, New York and Cambridge England, and personal growth and wellness.

MUS Faculty Collaboration – Israel Education

In a recent Tuesday morning faculty collaboration session, Rabbi Joshua Ladon of the Shalom Hartman Institute, North America, led a thought provoking presentation on Israel education. Rabbi Landon presented the multiple models that inform Israel education and provided the faculty with exciting possibilities to consider when designing course work for our students.

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