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Preparing Your Home for Remote Learning

In the unlikely event that SDJA closes due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to be proactive in recommending the following preparatory steps.


Is there a device at home for students to access and complete their assignments? MUS students have their own devices, GMLS families – please fill out this form to communicate specific needs.


Canvas will be the primary tool we use for teaching and learning. Do you know how to login to Canvas as a parent? If your student is in grade 3 or above, do they know how to login? If not, view this one pager. Questions can be sent to canvashelp@sdja.com.


Teachers will be utilizing Zoom for video conferencing with parents and students. First, download the Zoom app on you and your child’s computer to access sessions efficiently (here’s a video of how to do this). Then, download the Zoom app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Google Drive

Practice logging into your child’s Google Drive account to gain access to needed materials and content. Student emails are written as: first.lastname@sdjaschool.com.

Supplies at home

Besides a device with an internet connection, it’s a good idea to have notebook paper, pens/pencils and other school supplies at home for students to complete their assignments. Remind your students to remove important items from lockers each day.

More to think about:

  • Will you be home during this time with your students?
  • What childcare preparations can you make?
  • Will you be working from home? If so, is there a device for your child to be working on simultaneously?

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