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Welcome SDJA 2017-2018


On Tuesday morning at 8am we open our doors for the 2017-2018 school-year. A new school year presents opportunities for various beginnings – new classes, new teachers, and new friends to be made. This year we’ll see an extraordinary playground rising in the Early Childhood Center. We’ll have a new executive chef, Gisselle Wellman, preparing student lunches and integrating our garden-based produce into exciting new menus. Our first-ever Chief Jewish Officer, Rabbi Phil Graubart, will bring creativity, community-based learning and prodigious energy to Jewish life in our school. We have a new learning management system, Canvas, replacing Edline, and facilitating improved school-home communications. We have gone green, with new LED lighting replacing most fluorescents, generating savings in energy and precious school resources.

Newness alone, however, does not produce a top-tier education for our students. We ourselves – teachers, parents, students – must be willing to be caught up in the excitement and rebirth that are possible with each new year. Starting a new year gives us all the opportunity to design new strategies, implement new ideas, and build new connections with each other.

We can be very proud of what we achieve at San Diego Jewish Academy – in our classrooms, in our academic achievements, and in the arts – but our achievements are not due to complacency and satisfaction with the status quo. Our school is what it is because a group of dedicated men and women, whether parents, teachers, coaches or staff, have a common goal – to always do what is best for our students – and are always looking for ways to achieve that goal, together.

We look forward to welcoming you to school on Tuesday morning. May this coming year be a special one for all of us!


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