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Parking Stickers & Information

Please print the Temporary Parking Permits that were attached in the Back to School Forms email. You will need this Temporary Permit to get onto the SDJA campus until September 1st. Permanent Parking Permits will be mailed to each family the week of August 28th (only if you have submitted the Back to School Forms).

We are glad to report construction has been finalized for the Altura Apartments on Carmel Creek Road across the street from SDJA’s main entrance.

A new traffic circle should be completed early September. During the roadwork and after completion you will find a new entrance/exit process in place for the main entrance to the school, as you will need to turn right when exiting SDJA’s main lot and travel around the round-a-bout to leave the area.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you about general safety and security on campus for the benefit of our students, parents, faculty and staff.

  • Speed limit on the parking lot is 5 mph

  • Do not leave vehicles unattended in the pickup and drop off circle for Lower School at “ANY TIME” during the day. The circle is marked in red as it is a designated fire lane.

  • Please follow all vehicle traffic flow direction arrows painted in the travel lanes of the parking lots

  • Please recognize the area in the front of the Early Child Center is for ECC pickup and drop off only

  • Watch for pedestrians

  • Avoid idling your vehicle while waiting at pick up

We look forward to an exciting and safe new school year for all!

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