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Meet Rabbi Graubart

Shanah Tovah.

It’s great to back at San Diego Jewish Academy – but this time as teacher and administrator! When my children grew up here, I was often on campus as a parent or, occasionally, as a community rabbi. But now I have the great honor and privilege of contributing professionally to the institution that nurtured my sons, and provided my family and my community with solid and engaged Jewish identities.

I have two roles at SDJA – Chief Jewish Officer and Director of the Advanced Institute for Judaic Studies. As Chief Jewish Officer I’ll help oversee the Jewish curriculum, teach in the high school, and serves as an experienced rabbinic and educational resource for the entire school community. As director of the Advanced Institute for Judaic Studies, I’ll oversee an ambitious program of adult learning for the wider SDJA community, including parents, alumni and other stakeholders. Institute classes and publications will use classic Jewish texts to shine a light on essential, contemporary topics for North American Jews. We’ll rotate topics, focusing this year on three related subjects: Jewish identity, Jewish community, and pluralism. The goal will be to grapple with these fascinating, vital subjects in general, and also to see how the Jewish wisdom we encounter can influence our SDJA community. Later topics will include Judaism and Science; Jewish Views on War and Peace; and Jewish Spirituality.

I’m thrilled not to be alone in any of my new roles. SDJA already boasts of an exciting, committed group of Judaic teachers, not to mention a community of outstanding educators, mentors and school professionals. And also, of course, our most important partners – our parents and our students. I look forward to everyone’s input as we renew our communal Jewish identity and go – together – from strength to strength.

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