Senior Trip Fundraiser

Next Wednesday, the 10th of April, seniors Karina Levy and Alexis Fastlicht are organizing a fundraiser for the upcoming senior trip to Poland and Israel.  It would be an honor to have you all participate in this collective effort to create a mural whose proceeds will go directly towards the senior trip’s financial aid budget. To be a part of this project, you are all invited from 2:20- 3:20 pm to the Upper School Quad to paint your piece of the mural. Seniors will be selling different sized slots of canvas, at $10 and $20, which once purchased will be decorated monochromatically with whichever image you chose to represent our community. Being involved in this project gives your family the opportunity to not only support the senior trip but also to explore your creative sides and make a mark on our school campus. Once completed, the mural will be displayed in the Upper School, and having your contribution be part of this art would embellish and engrave the sense of community in all following student generations.

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