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Egg-cellent Egg-Ventures This week’s edition by Kayla Scott


Why do hens lay eggs?

 Because they break if you drop them!

We’re happy to announce that one major problem with our business has been solved. Our coop needed a door to protect our chickens, but not just any door.  We needed a door that would automatically close at night, locking the chickens inside and keeping them safe. The door also needed to open first thing in the morning so the chickens could roam the rest of the coop during the day. For weeks we did research and found prices on different automatic doors, but an automatic door was very expensive and we did not have the money in our business account.  We needed another option.

Lucky for us, Mr. Moroff and the 9th graders were the answer to our problem.  The ninth grade robotics class created and installed a solar chicken door which will open and close automatically.  We were very excited to collaborate with them and their help saved us about $300. Who says kids can’t make smart business decisions!

In other egg-citing news, our egg sales have officially begun! Now that we have a few chickens laying eggs, our weekly sales can begin.  We’ve started by just selling to fifth grade families, but will start opening up to other grades soon. We have sold to 11 fifth grade families, delivered to six, and after we finish the rest of the deliveries for this week, we will have made a profit of $55.00. The eggs will be usually delivered on Friday after school, but this week we had so many we got to deliver the eggs twice. Families will be notified a few days before delivery in case of surplus.

Looking to the future, we’ve decided we need to purchase an awning to shade our chickens.  With the warmer weather coming, we want them to stay cool during the summer months.  Also, if you have an awning that you would like to donate, please let us know.

Epic Eggs signing off until next time.

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