Moot Beit Din

After many months of study and preparation, the Middle School Moot Beit Din team will travel to TVT Community Day School in Irvine, CA on May 18th to compete in the first ever middle school competition. What began over a year ago in an MUS ideation session to design a Moot Beit Din program for middle school students, grew from a two school pilot program to a national competition including seven schools with 200 participants.

Moot Beit Din teams engage in a study of halachic sources as they relate to a modern issue. Students prepare written decisions and then present and defend their opinions before a court of “judges,” experts in halacha who evaluate the results and select the winning teams. SDJA has competed in the national high school competition for many years, winning the national title in 2016. Under the tutelage of Arielle Gereboff, the middle school team is now part of a great SDJA tradition.

Go Lions!

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