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It’s That Time of the Year

It’s happening. Every year around this time the feel on campus begins to change. The seniors are off experiencing the culminating event in their SDJA education – The Senior Trip to Poland and Israel; the class of 2019 is beginning to realize that their senior year is a very few months away; the eighth graders will soon be high school students; the new student government is set; college enrollment decisions have been made; the academic department is busy building out every student’s schedule for next year and on and on. It’s an electric time of year yet with a hint of uncertainty. The change disrupts the routine that had been established through the year but the excitement of the future will soon permeate the MUS.

In a few weeks we will celebrate student achievement with Lions Awards, the eighth graders will celebrate and reflect on their middle school experience, the high school will come together for the Prom and we, as a community will conclude the year with graduation.

So many emotions run through us all during the latter part of the year but the most powerful being pride – Pride in being a member of the SDJA community.

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