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GMLS 5th graders jump into middle school Track & Field!

San Diego Jewish Academy’s inaugural season of Middle School Track & Field is off and running and the mighty Lions have shown that they are dedicated and passionate about the sport.  These talented young athletes have shown courage, strength and determination both in practice and in competition as they participate in events that they have never done before.  Adding to the awesomeness are the 5th graders, who have shown great maturity, excitement, and strength equal to that of their older teammates.  Isabella Gross, Drew Hansen, Sam Land, and Dean Zucker-Abudi continue to impress with their willingness to just “go for it!”  They are so talented and driven, and along with their other teammates, show just how great the Lions are going to be in the sport of Track & Field for many years to come.  Go Team!!

Carol Ann Chambers, Physical Education Teacher


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