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Class Placement Process for 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

We invite and encourage you to provide information about your child that you would like the faculty and administration to consider as we create classes for the upcoming school year. We welcome your input regarding your child’s academic, social and emotional needs. Please complete the survey at the link below one time for each Lower School child you have. The deadline is Friday, May 11th. Please remember the following:

  1. We cannot guarantee the consideration of your input if it is received after May 11th, as we are beginning the development of class lists already. The sooner we receive your input, the better.

  1. Please do not send input directly to classroom teachers or to administration.  All class placement input must be submitted in writing via this survey (regardless of any conversations with staff that you may have had).

  1. We respectfully ask that you do not request one-on-one meetings with staff or administration to discuss your child’s class placement. It simply isn’t feasible at this extremely busy time of year.

  1. The development of class lists is a complex and time-consuming process which involves many sources of information, including parents, teachers, our guidance counselor and administrators, in addition to the children’s friend requests. We strive to balance the needs of every child through this process.

  1. We also take into consideration children’s individual academic needs, leadership skills, gender and social and behavioral needs as we create classes.

  1. It is not feasible, nor is it fair, to create classes based on parent requests for specific teachers. Surveys that contain teacher requests will not be considered.

Thank you so much for your partnership, trust and support as we plan for the ‘18-‘19 school year. To complete the survey, click here.

Warm Regards,

Kelley King

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