Rain Doesn’t Stop Play!

By Anna Pelletier

Well, we certainly have had our fair share of wet days here at school! But luckily enough, we have been able to use our great indoor facilities to keep our PE program going! We have also been really lucky the past two weeks and we have had glorious weather so hopefully this continues.

Every month, I change the sport that we are focusing on in PE. February was Team Building month for 3rd-5th grades. We were able to explore different skills which help us when working with others. Skills such as communication, leadership, fairness, honesty and respect are extremely important not just in PE, but all aspects of life!

The tasks were fun but definitely challenging! In the pictures below, you can see the Maze Breaker game and the Blindfold Challenge.

I seem to have been inspired by the very English weather we seem to be having at the moment, so decided to teach the younger grades cricket! A very popular sport in England! Each class has picked up the sport really well and I’ve been really impressed with their tactical knowledge of the game.

Older grades have now moved on to Tennis for the month of March, which has been really exciting as we get to use the upper school tennis courts! We’ve been working on our rallying skills by playing lots of different games- king of the court being the favorite!

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