Visiting Artists

Visiting Artists

Liz Nebo, Studio Arts Teacher

In January Lauren Zeleniak, a graphic designer from sustainable clothing company prAna, visited the high school visual art class. She came in to talk about storytelling in art and her experience with graphic design as a career. Lauren helped kick off the beginning of the virtual reality project that incorporates storytelling, art and virtual reality as the media in which the students showcase their visual story. Lauren talked to the class about how artists turn written words into visuals by creating logos, taking pictures for catalogs or using drawings to translate an idea. She also talked to the class about real world applications for art and her career in graphic design. She spoke about how she took art in high school and wanted to turn that into a career so she decided to go to SDSU and pursue a degree in graphic design. It was a great experience for the class to see how the skills they are learning in art now can translate to college or creative jobs.   

Next month local ceramic artist Norman Lurie will be coming to visit the ceramics class to demonstrate new throwing techniques and work on a Judaica project. This will be Norms second year coming to do demos for the ceramics class. He will be showcasing his work and his ties to the Jewish community in his demos. Students will start a project inspired by objects used for different holidays or events things like Menorahs, Hanukkiahs and more.

Both visiting artists not only showcase new techniques and different points of view on creating art but show students how they can turn their skills and passions into a possible career in the future.

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