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Meet Executive Chef Giselle Wellman

After completing her culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu Academie d’Art Culinaire in Mexico City, Giselle further developed her craft by working with some of the best chefs in the world, including Jean Georges, Thomas Keller and Mario Batali. She became the youngest female Executive Chef in Los Angeles at the age of 26, taking over at Petrossian, and most recently served as Executive Chef at Bayside Hilton in San Diego, California. Giselle also recently became an alumna of the Bravo TV award winning competition show Top Chef.

Giselle brings her passion for culinary education and food sustainability to SDJA, incorporating fresh produce from our campus garden, working with and supporting local farmers, and educating our students on the importance of nutrition and sustainability.


Follow Giselle and her staff on Instagram to learn how they are elevating the culinary experience at SDJA each and every day.

SDJA’s Hot-Lunch/Food Services Process:

To register for or access SDJA’s hot-lunch ordering system, please visit: www myschoolaccount.com

To learn more about SDJA’s hot-lunch ordering system, or for a list of FAQs, please click here.

SDJA also provides freshly-baked challah on Friday’s as well as birthday treats for students’ classroom birthday celebrations. To order your challah or birthday treats, please click the links below:

Order Challah

Order Birthday Treats

March’s Hot Lunch Menu: