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Guidelines to Requesting and Receiving Emergency TA

Thank you for submitting your request for Emergency Tuition Assistance (TA).  We understand these are difficult and unsettling times for us all. With the situation changing and unfolding daily, it is hard to plan and ascertain what the future holds, or when this situation will come to an end. 

San Diego Jewish Academy understands the financial instability that many of us are facing.  We are committed to aiding our families, while protecting and supporting our entire community. To that end, we have established an Emergency TA fund that will be administered in accordance with the guidelines below.  SDJA will streamline and expedite requests to the greatest extent possible, under these guidelines. 


  • Requests for Emergency TA can be submitted any time. Click ( Emergency Financial Aid Request Form) to complete the required request form.  SDJA will contact you within five business days to follow up and discuss your application.

  • SDJA utilizes ISM FAST, an independent company specializing in standardized and impartial processing of financial aid for school tuition. In certain cases families that have not applied for TA for the 2020-21 school year may be required to do so to receive Emergency TA.  In those cases, SDJA will reimburse the $45 application fee assessed by FAST to you.

  • Families that have had a recent job loss and that have not submitted a TA application on FAST for the 2020-21 school year will typically only be required to submit their most recent Federal tax return, along with the completed request form mentioned on the first bullet point above.

  • SDJA will complete its review and determination of Emergency TA at the earliest possible time.  Submission of an accurate and complete request form and/or FAST application (if required), with full explanations, will help ensure the maximum possible aid in the earliest possible time frame.

  • The review and determination process will consider both quantitative and subjective factors, and may entail a discussion with a member of the SDJA Business Office.

  • Be assured a strict confidentiality policy is in place for all information submitted, as well as discussions with our team.

  • Emergency TA funds are limited and will be allocated to those families in greatest need. Priority will be granted to families with extreme financial hardships, such as job loss or significant loss of self-employment income. SDJA will ensure equity in determining allocated amounts, based on each respective family’s financial circumstances.

  • If Emergency Financial Aid funds cannot be allocated to you, SDJA may still be able to offer some flexibility with your tuition payment schedule.

If you have any questions during this process, please feel free to contact us via email at tuitionassistance@sdja.com.  

Our goal is to help and support as many families as possible, to help bridge what we hope is a temporary situation.