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Jewish Life

Building a foundation for Jewish ethical living is integral to the curriculum of San Diego Jewish Academy. The school teaches these values through a unique approach that includes a wide range of Jewish perspectives about our relationship with one another, our relationship with G-d, and our responsibility as Jewish individuals. Embedded in this curriculum are projects that help our students put these Jewish values into action. SDJA views this aspect of the curriculum as a unique opportunity to focus on many different aspects of Jewish culture, history and theology, providing students with a strong foundation in their Jewish identity.

As a pluralistic school, we recognize that our students and their families reflect a broad spectrum of Jewish backgrounds and practices. We seek to engender respect and appreciation for the various approaches to Judaism and, at the same time, to emphasize that our Jewish heritage is a common bond that unites all Jews.

It is the goal of San Diego Jewish Academy to engage our students in learning about the rich traditions, history and experiences of the Jewish people. In so doing, we seek to create a positive, Jewish learning experience for all of our students and to instill in them pride in their Jewish heritage. We want our students to graduate with an understanding of Jewish beliefs, values, concepts, and traditions. SDJA seeks not only to instill academic learning, but also to empower and inspire our students to apply the Jewish character values they learn in their everyday lives.

At SDJA, we take to heart the Rabbinic teaching, “On three things does the world stand: Torah (teaching, study), Avodah (literally “service” and often translated as “worship”), and Gemilut Hasadim (Deeds of Loving Kindness), each being central to our Jewish educational philosophy.



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