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SDJA Start Time

August 10, 2018

Dear Parents,

We are following up to confirm the new starting time for our K-5 and 6-12 students to take place in the coming school year.  Our new schedule has K-5 beginning their academic day at 8:05am, and our 6-12th graders beginning at 8:20am. (Tuesday remains an 8:20am start for all students, and dismissal remains as is, at 3:05 for GMLS and 3:20 for MUS, with Friday at 2:45pm for all). After the announcement last Spring, we heard from some parents with children in both divisions who were concerned about the different start times that are 15 minutes apart for their children, four days a week.

We listened carefully to the concerns raised and considered them at length. Our research and experience were unequivocal that a later start time benefits our MUS students. We learned that many other schools have different starting times by division and that different starting times for different divisions can work well for all concerned.

We also received positive feedback about the changes from both parents and students as well. This begs the question: Why change anything? Because we want to improve the school experience for as many middle and high school students as possible.

When arriving at school at 8:05am, our GMLS students will enter their classrooms and begin their day. Our MUS students will begin class at 8:20am. Early arriving MUS students will have different opportunities to select supervised activities until 8:20am. MUS teachers will be in their offices starting at 8:00am for office hours. The gym, the Learning Center and all classrooms will be open as well, with students being supervised at all times.

With best wishes for a wonderful final week before school resumes with an all-school gathering at 8:00am (this one time) on Monday, August 20th.

See you soon!

Chaim Heller

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