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Eight days of giving

eight-days-of-giving The 8 Days of Giving Campaign is not only an opportunity for SDJA employees to give back to the Academy, but to recognize and honor their colleagues. Below, please find the personal tributes that have been made by SDJA employees during the campaign:

To Ashika, Juan, Ricardo, and the rest of the facilities team: You work hard, and you do it with a smile on your face. Thanks for your responsiveness, flexibility, and good humor.– Jeremy Toren

To MUS Faculty: Each one of you is a joy to work with and talk to. Thank you for making SDJA a fabulous place to come to work every day. – Jeremy Toren

To MUS Judaic Studies Department: Our meetings are not only enjoyable, they’re stimulating. Thanks for all you do to make our subject both sacred and accessible.– Jeremy Toren

To Mike Quigley: You’re always there to support us whenever we need you. Thanks for knowing what it means, and what it doesn’t mean, to be the boss. – Jeremy Toren

To Rabbi Laufer: Thank you for leaving your home in Israel to enlighten and inspire our students. – Sheila Reilly

To the entire SDJA faculty and community: A huge thank you for your support and for making me feel welcome at this incredible school. I am honored to work with all of you and look forward to getting to know all of you better in the coming years. – Cris Pacheco

There is a welcoming attitude in this school that lets you know from the very beginning that you are in a special place. Thanks to all who have accepted this newbie into their fold always with a smile and helping hands. – PK Brannon

To Teshy Wellman: You have been a constant and an anchor at SDJA for over 15 years and the go to person for EVERYTHING! I admire your loyalty, dedication and hard work, and now I am so lucky and privileged to work with you, the face of SDJA, welcome to the A Building! With much love, respect and admiration, Ariela

To Beth Polek, Svetlana Martinez, Leora Lazarus, Marcy Amiram, Dianna Hodge, Sharon Taylor, Sara Kaminski, Cindy Friedman, Vered Schuster, Ilona Kadar, Wanda Evans, Nicole Frisella, Limora Evans, Shianne Binder and Gloria Castro: Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and commitment to all the preschoolers! – Yael Edelstein

To GMLS Judaic Studies Teachers: You are amazingly energetic, innovative and hard -working! I get the pleasure to hear and see you with the students, practicing in the Ulam for all the special grade presentations and Jewish Holiday programs. Thank you for infusing our students with your love and passion for Judaism and Israel, you are making an invaluable impact in their lives! Todah Rabah and Kol Hakavod! – Ariela

To Nicole Trotta: Just remember you are a unicorn, butterfly, kitten, rainbow! AKA all the best things! – Stephanie Hill

To GMLS Staff: working with you is a daily joy! Thank you for making SDJA such a supportive and enriching environment. – Dana Bar

To all my colleagues in the faculty and administration: Thank you for making SDJA such an exceptional educational institution! – Rabbi Nathan Laufer

To Anita Ip and Amanda Hoffman: Thank you for all your VERY hard work and multi-tasking on a daily basis to keep ECC running smoothly. – Yael Edelstein

To Jamie Lawson, Denise Goodwin, Sarah Mills, Silvia Bustamante, Monica Becerril, Janet Dominguez, and Alixandria Ehlers: Thank you for being such loving and amazing teachers in the Beit Yeladim program. You are a special group of teachers. – Yael Edelstein

SDJA mishpachah – family: I love you all and feel very privileged to work with such an amazing group of people! – Victoria Polyak

To Shani Zamir: You are music to our ears. Thank you for bringing such harmony to the Lower School – Your GMLS friends and colleagues

To Juan Suaste: Thank you for always helping me with my events and everything else! I feel so lucky to have known you so long and now work with you. – Lee Weinstein

To Ricardo Rios: Thank you so much for always helping us with our events! We are so lucky to work with you! – Lee Weinstein

To Kristine Schneid and Sara Hansen: I appreciate all of the unconditional support, wisdom, and guidance you provide me every day. Your leadership as department chairs inspires me to grow. – Lauren Dolinka

To Ashika Thomas: Thank you for all that you do for us in Advancement, we could not put on such successful events without your hard work and help! – Lee Weinstein

To Lee Weinstein: Thank you for being my “personal assistant” and always helping out when people come looking for Chaim! You never once complain about it, even though you get interrupted, you treat everyone with kindness, respect and a big smile! It is a pleasure working with such a dedicated, hardworking, conscientious, professional, lovely young newlywed! – Ariela Berkstein

To Chris Hill: Thank you for all you do! – Edna Yedid

To Aimee Novom and Ricky Harel: You two rock! Thank you for your shining smiles and for all you do to support all of us each day. – Sarah Greenstein

To Brooke Henrikson: Thank you for being a great partner in 1st grade! – Melissa Himfar

To Annie Watt, Katie Sharpe, and Emily Bumps: Thanks for doing all you do to keep the SDJA MUS machine going! – Marc Muroff

To Esti Yeshanov, Sharone Yedid, and Shira Schaffer: In honor of my great Hebrew team. – Edna Yedid

I feel honored and privileged to be surrounded by such hard working, dedicated, motivated, inspiring people! Thank you to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for ALL you do! – With love, gratitude and appreciation, Ariela

To Kelley King and Shani Abed: Thank you for being my leaders and role models. – Ilana Bogomolny

SDJA, thank you for being a wonderful place of employment. – Jamie Lawson

To Lee Weinstein: I was so lucky to have you by my side as I transitioned to SDJA. Thank you for your incredible support and guidance, and for making work each day fun. – Melissa Wells

To MUS Science Department: Thank you for the time, creativity and innovation that you invest to make SDJA’s MUS Science classes an exciting place for students to learn and grow 🙂 – Thanks, Cheryl

To Denise Goodwin: Thank you for being a wonderful co-teacher, and helping create an atmosphere that parents love. – Jamie Lawson

To Sarah Mills: Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and heling make the infant room successful. – Jamie Lawson

To Ilana Bogolmony: You are a quiet soul that does so much and is never waiting for any recognition. – Teshy

To Ashika Thomas: Thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes keeping the school rolling. – Chris Hill

To Anita Ip: Thank you for being an excellent Director, and for making me and other employees in ECC feel respected and like family. Your care goes far beyond work life. – Jamie Lawson

To Skip Carpowich: You are making a change in our school for the better. – Teshy

To Shani Abed: Your Kabbalat Shabbat’s are amazing and make community. – Teshy

To Shelley Feltman: It is a pleasure coming to school every day and working with such an awesome woman. – Dianne Shapp

To Kelley King: It is my privilege to work with you. You inspire me every day. – Sheryl Rabinowitz

To Ariela Berkstein: You work hard to make community among employees. – Teshy

In honor of my colleagues that I have the pleasure of teaching with every day. I love working with you all. – Sheryl Rabinowitz

To Edna Yedid: Thank you for your leadership, support and caring. – Love, Shira

To Shelley Feltman: Thanks for being a fabulous co-teacher and friend. – Michelle Moses

To Dianne Shapp: We’ve worked together a long time and we need to keep having adventures together. – Michelle Moses

To Shani Abed and Lisa Sharp: Thank you for everything! – Anat Moskowitz

To SDJA 5th Graders: Thank you for working hard and caring about each other. It is a real joy to work with each one of you every single day. – Danielle Heyde

To Cheryl Eisen: Thank you, Cheryl, for giving me an opportunity to teach science at SDJA. I appreciate your leadership. – Daniella Hofreiter

To Dianne Shapp: I truly enjoy working with you! – Shelley Feltman

To Danielle Heyde: I truly enjoy working with you! – Shelley Feltman

Thank you for all your hard work! I’m proud to be a part of SDJA Family, it’s a special warm place that I’m happy to come every day to teach our children. Thank you. – Revital Harosh

To Gvira Abed: It is always a pleasure to work with you. Our friendship and working together is very important to me. – Love, Hagit

To Linda Rosenberg: The wisest woman on campus who has seen and done everything, yet still maintains the energy and enthusiasm of a new teacher! – Anna Falkiewicz

To Nicole Trotta: Thank you for your endless work and commitment to our students and programs. You always give 110% (or more!). – Anna Falkiewicz

To Shani Abed: Thank you for being there for all of us. For all your hard work, effort, caring and for saving our days so many times. -Gvira Abed

Thank you, SDJA, for being like a second home for me. – Shani Abed

To Anna Falkiewicz: Best Dean of Students Ever! – Linda Rosenberg

To Danielle Heyde: It is a pleasure coming to school every day, and working with such an awesome woman. – Dianne Shapp

GMLS Faculty and Staff, I am honored and privileged to partner with you every day in our important work. Your passion and commitment to children and to each other is inspiring! – Kelley King

I am so grateful to have a Jewish Day School, and honored to provide a Jewish education to those who seek it. It is beautiful to be among such dedicated and loving teachers and administrators. SDJA is a community! – Sharone Yedid

To Shani Abed: It is a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for everything. – Love, Hagit