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Our Position of Strength

Ready for Any Scenario:

  • SDJA adapted rapidly to remote learning in mid-March, and thanks to the incredibly hard work of our teachers, our students didn’t miss a beat and continued with their full curriculum. Our recent survey showed that parents were overwhelmingly happy with the school’s performance on the remote learning platform.

  • In-person learning this fall will need to account for social distancing and proper hygiene. Fortunately for SDJA, we have a 56 acre campus, large classrooms, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor learning spaces. Our theater, garden, and Innovation Center offer different opportunities for learning. And we’ve invested in new classroom ventilation and furniture to meet or exceed all health requirements.

  • Whether learning is on campus or remote—or a combination of both—SDJA’s technological capabilities set us apart. We’ve invested in our classrooms to ensure they are state-of-the-art. Our Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking (CIET) elevates our remote learning offerings and ensures that our teachers have the training and resources to deliver their full curriculum to every student, anywhere.

  • SDJA is financially sound. We have the financial expertise, leadership and community support to navigate the pandemic’s financial consequences. We can still offer stimulating and challenging education along with rich community experiences.

  • Now more than ever, community experiences like Shabbat, holiday celebrations, and other virtual gatherings are deeply meaningful. Whether in person or now online, SDJA brings our community together for these significant traditions and experiences. This is a real value-add of being part of our community.

Affordability and Enrollment Growth:

  • With the Open Door program for incoming K and 9th graders, SDJA offers an incredible opportunity for excellent education in today’s fluid learning environment. We have resources to support any family requesting tuition assistance.

  • Our enrollment has grown dramatically over the last few years, and that trend will continue into the 2020-21 school year. We continue to have an extraordinarily high retention rate with increased commitments to both affordability and academic innovation thanks to our many supporters.

  • Spots are limited because we maintain a strong teacher-student ratio and because we want to ensure that social distancing on campus is possible. So enroll today!

Academic Excellence and Personalized Learning:

  • Whether in-person or remote, SDJA offers learning experiences characterized by personalized attention, innovative educational approaches, and academics that challenge and inspire. Our teachers consistently deliver this education across any platform.

  • Our teacher to student ratio and personalized attention are just as important whether classes occur in-person or remotely. Our Learning Center helps to support and provide for students’ individual needs, interests, and strengths.

  • Particularly significant in middle and high school, our personalized approach enables students to engage in theater, athletics, music, and other hands-on co-curricular programs. All students can shine and try new activities at SDJA.

  • SDJA offers enriching summer online program for all students at no extra cost. Our Summer 2020 Kickstarter programming for Pre-K – 5th grade is a mix of real-time learning and student work at home on their own schedule. And this summer our Middle and High School students will engage in online summer math work to prepare them for our new state-of-the-art math program.

Jewish learning:

  • SDJA education is infused with Jewish values and learning. Values like Repairing the World and Caring for the Sick are a part of who we are and what we strive to do as a school. These values are especially resonant right now.

  • Hebrew education is available in all grades and we meet students wherever they are with their level of Hebrew.