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Together, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactTen months ago, we gathered on the large steps by the A building and began the year together as one community, Kehillah Achat. From that day on each of us at the Academy went about our business, sometimes together and sometimes on our own. Teachers taught, students learned and worked and played hard and everyone grew a year older, and for our students they also grew “up” another year. The details and the highlights are in the yearbook, but that’s not really what’s important to me today.

What’s important is that we lived our lives together this year in Jewish community. And that we are a family. Like any big, loving, loud, messy Jewish family, we celebrated our accomplishments with joy and we held each other tight to mourn the loss of loved ones. We learned and studied together. We taught and planned together. We celebrated Shabbat and holidays together. And yes, like most Jewish families we sometimes argued and bickered with each other. And then we made up and were friends again. This intense experience is very much what Jewish life is about. Our common Jewish journey binds us together as a school, as a community, and yes, as a family.  We are so lucky.

So, as we part for the summer, and travel here and there, we await your return in the fall so we can continue to teach and learn and live together as Kehillah Achat, one community, one family, as and complex and real and exhilarating as life itself.

Have a glorious summer. See you on August 19th!


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