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Three Pillars, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

While our first priority is always educating our children, we have also been working on communicating our “brand” and our “visual identity” as a school over these past few months. With the help of Torrey Pines Marketing, we have looked at all aspects of how we talk about and present SDJA. How can we reflect the evolution that has taken place at our school and in our community in a time of seemingly constant change? Sometimes when you go through a branding process you are able to sharpen your thinking about your mission and things become clear. That’s what happened to us. We’d like to share it with you.

In our tuition letter last week, we wrote about our three pillars of education at SDJA:

Challenge Minds. Inspire Purpose. Explore Possibilities.

  • Challenge minds for us means to have extensive programming in an intimate learning environment.
  • Inspire purpose is at the core of all we do, as we integrate Jewish values, mores, ethics and wisdom into our studies and our lives.
  • Explore possibilities enables us to understand and then expand passions and pathways that advance the future for each student.

Let’s give just a few examples:

Challenge Minds means educating children in a personally relevant learning environment. It means every child is known by name and is appreciated for their unique talents and personality and is considered an important part of the greater community.

Challenge Minds means that students are not limited in learning by age or grade. They are assessed throughout the year to adjust so they may succeed with the curriculum, and they are provided opportunities to challenge their strengths.

Challenge Minds means that our faculty continue to learn their craft and their subject matter throughout their careers. Faculty are given the resources to create engaging, project-based learning. Faculty integrate academic, cultural, social and emotional development in an environment that is based on Jewish values.

Challenge Minds means that we provide a place to of learning through science, music, art and sports We provide guidance from on-campus counselors, academic advisors, social advisors and Jewish-life advisors, all of whom are available to our students and families.

Next week I’ll share examples from Inspire Purpose and Explore Possibilities, and in two weeks we’ll reveal our new SDJA logo.


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