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Sukkat Shalom, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactWhether in Roseburg, Oregon or the crowded streets of Tel Aviv, we continue to watch as violent acts happen, seemingly without end, and without reason. As citizens of the world, each of us responds according to our understanding of the underlying causes, and many of us have become involved in some way. Whether volunteering for a local neighborhood watch, supporting the people of Israel in their struggles for peace or just increasing our vigilance during this season of Jewish holidays, we are aware that things seem to be changing.

At SDJA we have significantly increased our security profile over the past few years. In addition to having a full time and experienced director of security, we have added security at the entrances to the school, increased vigilance all around and, as many of you know, we aggressively challenge anyone who looks in the least little bit suspicious. Our students and faculty have monthly drills that now include earthquake, fire and intruder protocols as we prepare ourselves for the previously unimaginable. If you find yourself on campus during one or our monthly drills, you will be expected to participate along with the rest of us. We can never be too prepared.

You probably knew all of this, but in light of all that is happening these days, we thought it could help to calm, even if a little bit, some frayed nerves.

May a Sukkat Shalom, a canopy of peace, spread over us, and over all good people here in San Diego, in Israel and throughout the world.

Shabbat shalom,


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