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Showcase, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactYou use a glass mirror to see your face; You use works of art to see your soul. – George Bernard Shaw.

While our school is rightly known for excelling in the sciences – and we had multiple 8th grade students selected for prescreening to advance on to the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair – it would be overlooking the obvious to not see how developed our humanities programs and art programs are, as well. Nights like Thursday night’s Showcase give all of our children, and their parents, an opportunity to see their hard work displayed, highlighted and appreciated.

Thursday night’s Showcase was – in the words of George Bernard Shaw – a peek into the soul of our children. From preschool through elementary and high school, art was everywhere. Many of the art projects felt personal, as students learned to express their thoughts and emotions through poetry, sculpture and painting. Other works were more content focused as students gave creative interpretations to what ancient synagogues must have looked like, or made ducks out of salt dough to file into their Noah’s Ark, two by two. High school students grappled with linear and non-linear perspective and multi-dimensional shadowing on their drawings. The results were impressive and illuminating, really. Most of the work on display (and make no mistake, it was work) was the result of teaching students to plan out projects and defer gratification and avoid shortcuts until the work was – well, complete. The outcomes spoke for themselves. Bravo!

Thank you all for being there at our Showcase. We had a great turnout of students and parents and it was a fitting peak to the first half of the school year.

And now, onward!

Shabbat shalom,


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