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SDJA, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactAt SDJA we often say that we are educating our students not for today or tomorrow or the day after, but to be happy and successful 35 year olds. That long-term perspective is often most apparent as parents prepare to leave SDJA at the end of their children’s journey. Below are two emails we recently received, right after the senior’s Siyyum program on April 20th, right before they left for their trip to Poland and Israel.


“Just wanted to let you know how touched we were yesterday at the Senior Siyyum.

During the 17 years (almost 18) that we have been part of the school, many occasions we questioned if we were doing the right thing on the school we chose for our kids. Yesterday was a confirmation that we made the right decision, SDJA not only gives our kids an amazing education, it gives them the tools to become mensches!

It has been a pleasure being part of SDJA, we are going to miss you a lot!!!”

Thank you for everything!

Nadin and Alberto Benrey


“Chaim, I just felt a strong need to tell you how I felt yesterday at the Siyyum. I did fill out the questionnaire, for the school, and quite frankly was a little critical in some areas. After sitting through yesterday, I realized there was no better place for Matthew to have spent the last 6 years. Our seniors are the most amazing group of young people I have been around. It is not just their intelligence, but the true love and talent they displayed. I now realize I must look at SDJA with a broader view. I was truly moved to tears.

Happy Passover to you and yours.”

Barry Pasternack


(Both emails reprinted with permission)

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