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Safety and Security

Chaim final constant contactSecurity is always on our minds these days. We have upgraded the perimeter security on campus and have trained our security personnel to be vigilant, on their toes and professionally suspicious.

This Tuesday, February 16th, we will not have school for our students so that our faculty, staff and all employees can undergo security training. The most important factor in keeping our children safe and secure is the training and training of our adults on staff. To that end, we are having an active shooter drill on our campus, planned and supervised by our director of security Michael Hoffman, with the full participation of the SDPD. This drill will further prepare us for what we hope will never happen, but in an abundance of caution, need to prepare for.

Please let us know if you need to come to campus on Tuesday for any reason, particularly after 12 noon, so we can alert the many people involved in this exercise.

We never take it lightly when we do not have school for students and instead use the day for teacher training and growth. On Tuesday morning our teachers will have some academic professional trainings but the key focus of the day will be an active shooter(s) drill. In addition to the drill, the afternoon will also be devoted to teaching self-defense, with Krav Maga training for our adults and then a simulation where we will practice putting this all to use while under a pressured – albeit practice – situation.

As we have written time and time again, the safety and security of your children is our most important responsibility, and we take that commitment to heart.



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