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Music, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactGiven the incredible pace of technological advances, it’s hard to know what the future will hold for our children.  That’s why its so important to teach children to see the world through multiple perspectives. Here at SDJA, we teach children a second language from kindergarten through 12th grade, believing that language proficiency can be the key that unlocks the door to understanding nuance, complexity, perspective, critical thinking and analysis.

This year we’re adding a third language throughout the elementary school: music. By teaching children to read music and play an instrument, we prepare them for a life of joy, aesthetic appreciation and, research says, higher academic achievement.

Our children in grades 1-5 are learning to read music and to play the piano as part of our increased emphasis on the arts. Thanks to a generous grant from the Bassuk family, we have opened our brand new music lab in room D-204, equipped with 20 keyboards, headphones, monitors, music-specific seating and a console for the teacher to hear each student play individually as well as the entire class all together. Our middle and high school music students will benefit from having the opportunity to play and compose music on the computers that will soon arrive and attach to the keyboards.


Our strategic plan calls for us to increase our focus on both expressive and appreciative arts education. Our beautiful new music lab gives us increased pathways to accomplish just that.

We hope to see you at one of our many student recitals in the months and years ahead.

Chaim Heller

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