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Job One, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactWith all of the talk on security upgrades, Israel week at SDJA, the upcoming 36th Anniversary Soiree in February, the Walkathon, etc, we never forget that our “job one” is to teach children and nurture their academic growth. We are a rigorous school with very high standards, and our faculty are working tirelessly to help your child learn and master new skills.

In the Parents Guide to Tuition that we sent out last week, we noted that we have increased our academic program by 15% over the past two years while lowering operating costs by the same amount. We have also added new, highly trained professionals to our three-person learning center, upgraded our math, humanities, science and Judaics offerings and have committed to individualizing the curriculum where needed.

Academic test scores throughout the school are noticeably higher across the board, and this year’s seniors are continuing the SDJA hallmark of excellent acceptance rates into top schools in the country.

We are also very much focused on bringing innovation to our students. Initiatives in STEM, Advanced Judaics, and the Arts will all begin to be operational in Fall 2016.

Our school is truly a Jewish Academy, one in which we raise our children Jewishly and academically. And we do so with our children’s needs at the heart of everything we do. Always.

Have a meaningful Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday,


P.S. Join me at the Soiree on February 27. You’ll have a wonderful time and every dime raised goes to our kids.

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