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Jenny, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactWe celebrated a life today at the Academy.

Jenny Stepensky z”l died unexpectedly last spring after a sudden illness. Jenny worked in the kitchen and the catering staff of SDJA for years, and was dedicated to her work, her kitchen team, and most importantly, to the kids at school. She helped them open lunches, poured soup for them and helped them carry their food over to the tables, along with all of her cooking and prepping behind the scenes.

The pioneers who settled Israel would sing “Ashrei ha’ish oved ba’kvish,” which roughly translates into “Blessed is the person who does the manual labor.” Cooking, cleaning, prepping and serving are all modern forms of manual labor that a person can do, and Jenny did them all without complaint and with a smile and always with complete attention to every detail. We were blessed by her presence among us and still feel it when we walk into the kitchen and the lunch area.

IMG_9238To remind us of Jenny, we dedicated a bench today in her memory. Sitting atop the stairs overlooking the lunch area, the kitchen, and the play fields, the bench looks out to the Pacific as well. This is a fitting place for all of us to sit, remember Jenny’s time with us at SDJA, and to appreciate Jenny and those like her who work so tirelessly behind the scenes to make our school a warm and special place for our children.

May Jenny Stepensky’s memory continue to be a blessing.


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