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Israel, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

With all that’s happening in the world these days, it seems like a good time to talk about our relationship with Israel at SDJA. What do we teach our students about Israel?

We have developed a set of principles, or enduring understandings, that we bring into our teaching about Israel in all grades. These understandings form the basis of everything we teach.

  • Israel is central to the history and future of the Jewish people.
  • Israel is a multicultural society, with all of the benefits and tensions that entails.
  • Israel is made up of ordinary people, like you and me, living in an extraordinary time and place, under extraordinary conditions.
  • Israel is a (soon to be) 70-year-old state, with institutions that are evolving as befits a young country.
  • Israel as a society brings great benefits to the world, through advances in medicine, water technology, sciences, the arts, and much more.
  • Israel is not perfect, but it is held to a higher standard than other countries.
  • Israel is important to each of us individually and we have a stake in her present and future.

Israel education at SDJA is much more than flags, falafel and Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebrations. Beginning February 13th, we will have Israel Week at SDJA. We make connections across the curriculum to Israel and bring Israeli literature, arts, technology, economics, history, current events, civics and more into our classrooms, always in a developmentally appropriate manner.

There will be a family event on Sunday afternoon, February 12th, (details are being finalized in the coming days), and an evening concert on February 15th by Ms. Shani Zamir, a finalist in Israel’s Eurovision song competition and an incredibly talented performer. Please save both of the dates and join us in celebrating our connection to the people and land of Israel.


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