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Israel, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Chaim final constant contactIt seems that El Nino has finally arrived. PLEASE download the SDJA phone app (free wherever you get your apps) if you haven’t already so we can quickly update you about traffic at school and other related issues.
On another topic:
Two years ago we began the Jewish Visioning Process and grappled with the idea of what should a future-focused Judaic studies education look like. We decided that teaching an understanding of, and love for, Israel is increasingly central to our school mission and will also require moving away from “business as usual.” After much study of what does and doesn’t work, we have added Israel Week to our curriculum and school program. This will be in addition to what is taught in the classrooms year-round and on Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Israel Week will be cross-curricular, with all disciplines (humanities, science, art, as well as Judaic studies and Hebrew) teaching about Israel. The week will be filled with experiential learning and we will fill the eye, the ear and the heart with Israel-related programming. Classroom lessons have been carefully crafted and peer-reviewed for quality and impact. We hope this will be a new SDJA tradition.
Our week kicks off Saturday evening at the Imax Theatre in Balboa Park, where we have sold out the tickets for the screening of “Jerusalem.” We look forward to seeing you there. Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm we will have a concert by an incredibly talented Israeli band, Nava Tehila, and our students have been learning their music since September and will join in the performance. Bring your children and join in the fun!
Am Yisrael Chai!
Shabbat shalom,

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