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Introducing…, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

Dear Friends and Families of SDJA,

Over the past few months our school’s administration has been working with parents, faculty and students, along with Torrey Pines Marketing, to develop our new brand architecture and our new visual identity, including logo.

A logo is a physical representation of what an organization aspires to be. Think Nike, and you see the swoosh, representing movement and action. Think General Electric and you see an electric-plug-like symbol that reminds us of the core GE brand.

As our Jewish community has evolved over the years, our logo should reflect that evolution as well. Our current logo is a Magen David (six pointed Star of David) with a Torah scroll at the heart of it, embraced by an arm. It is elegant and very beautiful and has served us well.  That said, a logo should reflect where we are in 2017, as our Jewish community looks to increasingly make their own meaning out of Jewish texts, tradition and culture. It might be in Torah and ritual, but it also might be Jewish community, or Israel, or something else. Indeed, at SDJA we always speak about “Active Jewish Living”, leaving the individual to find meaning for him/herself so they leave SDJA and engage Jewishly however they choose.

Our new logo is a visual manifestation of that concept. It is a Magen David that is open and somehow incomplete, and it is up to you, the viewer, to complete it. The star has an open book at its highest point and San Diego Jewish Academy at its center. We believe that our school uses books of Jewish life and the knowledge within them to enable each student to complete his/her Jewish journey. And SDJA is at the center.

You will see that there are four shades of blue, not one. If blue has taken on the unofficial role of being the “Jewish color”, we are –each of us – all different shades of blue. Some religious, some secular, some Israel–oriented, some finding their Judaism through Tikkun Olam. We are all correct in our own way, and we are all proudly Jewish.

The logo will be used on printed materials, business cards, official documents, the website, Facebook and Twitter and all other places requiring the formal logo. Our Lion mascot will continue to grace our shirts and uniforms, both for school and athletics.

We hope you like it.









Maimonides Upper School – Grades 6-12

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