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A Message From Our Head of School

Boker tov SDJA, my name is Zvi and I am your Head of School. Like over 120 of the students with us today, this is my first year at SDJA. I am so honored, privileged and excited to join the SDJA family. 
When my grandmother was in school in Jerusalem, she used to ride a donkey for an hour to get to school each day. I used to walk to school when I was a kid, and I drove my children to school every day. For now, YOU get to come to school without even leaving your house -by zoom! – my grandmother certainly never would have seen that one coming!   
I know that this is a start of a year like no other. Our teachers and staff are incredible and have been working very hard to prepare for you. I know that there will be things that go well, and some might not go so well because we are all doing many things for the first time, but it’s OK because schools are places to learn, and we all need to welcome mistakes and learn from them. Why do we learn? Yes we want you to know about history and Torah, about science and literature, Hebrew and math. But why? To make ourselves the best we can be. We come to school so that we can help make the world a better place – find a cure for cancer and COVID-19, find a solution for world hunger, make sure there is enough drinkable water for everyone. 


We come to school so that we can be proud of who we are as people and as Jews and be there for our people, for Israel and for all of humanity.


We come to school not only to be with our friends, but to learn how to listen and get along with our friends so that we can get along with other people, so that we can be great parents to our own children and so that perhaps some day we can get so good at making friends that we can bring peace to the world. 


And we also come to school to learn because we like to learn.  


Students and teachers, may your learning this year be purposeful and relevant and may it be as sweet as honey. Go Lions!  

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