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988,200 Minutes, By Chaim Heller, Head of School

“If it matters, it can be measured.”

  • Patrick Lencioni

How do we measure the thirteen years at SDJA that start in kindergarten and end at graduation?

  • In minutes (988,200.)
  • In fire drills (1,183.)
  • In college acceptances (approaching two hundred and still coming in.)
  • In competitiveness of college acceptances (dozens of graduates in top schools)
  • In university scholarship offers ($4 Million and still coming in.)
  • In lab research grants for graduates (three, including one this year)
  • In graduates going to join the IDF (1 or 2 every year including this year.)
  • In being prepared for college and beyond (yes.)
  • In close friendships (innumerable.)
  • In life lessons learned (countless.)
  • In Jewish engagement in college (most.)
  • In pride at being Jewish (all.)
  • In having found their passion in life (for now…)

In a few weeks our seniors, the class of 2017, will be leaving on their class trip to Poland and Israel, after which they return for graduation. One of the hallmarks of this trip is “no student left behind,” due to lack of funds to pay for the trip. Our seniors raise the money to ensure that everyone can go to Israel, no exceptions. This is another way to measure thirteen years – taking care of each other.

Their big fundraiser this year is a delightful 80-minute production of Fiddler on the Roof, performing tonight at 7:00 pm on the stage at SeaCrest Village in Encinitas. I urge you to bring your children to see how the class of 2017 directed, produced, and – in addition to all of their senior-level classwork – put on a show that is as memorable as it is moving.

If you want to see a beautiful measure of thirteen years at SDJA, meet me at 220 Saxony Road, Encinitas, tonight at 6:45 pm. Bring your children, its worth them staying up late.


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