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Physical Education & Athletics

The K-12 physical education (PE) curriculum is designed to ensure students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary GMLS PEto enjoy a lifetime of health, wellness and physical activity. Each grade level has five desired learning outcomes for our PE students.

  1. Fundamental Motor Skill Development
  2. Movement Concepts, Principles, Strategies, and Tactics
  3. Physical Activity Lifestyle
  4. Personal Responsibility
  5. Values Physical Activity


Lower School PE and Interscholastic Athletics

VolleyballThe Physical Education Program in the lower school is a foundational experience for all K-5 students to begin learning and developing the loco-motor and intra-personal skills that our students will build upon throughout their SDJA education.

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Middle School PE and Interscholastic Sports

The middle school years are a time of rapid physical, mental, social and emotional growth. The Physical Education Program in the middle school builds upon the skills acquired in the lower school to support SDJA students during this time of growth.

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High School Interscholastic Athletics

Our commitment to the SDJA community is that our athletic program will provide the opportunities in competitive team sports for student-athletes of all levels to build a strong set of values including teamwork, self-discipline, competitiveness, character development and personal wellness.

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