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SDJA’s arts program includes music, visual art, and ceramics. Arts education begins in preschool where music and art are infused into the classroom. Every student, starting in 2nd grade, has the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Through various programs and classes, students have many options to explore and develop their creativity.

At SDJA, professional artists ensure that your child is receiving an arts education that is based on years of experience. With diverse course offerings, we encourage our students to pursue a broad range of creative exploration.


The Maimonides Upper School Visual Art Program is an exciting place to grow, create, express, and enjoy. Classes accommodate a variety of skill levels and enable participants, from the intimidated, “not artistic” type to the natural, creative genius, to find a voice, expand aesthetic awareness, and develop artistic skills. The art department is proud of a fine facility, which includes a twenty-station graphic design lab, and a fully equipped ceramics studio.

Ceramics classes introduce clay as an artistic medium and give the opportunity to explore a variety of forming and decorating techniques. Students create unique, personal, and expressive works and learn to look for inspiration in nature, history, and other cultures. Through learning pinch and coil methods, slab-building methods, and the use of the potter’s wheel, students gain an appreciation for fine artisanship and the works of masters!

Click here to visit our Lower School Art Website and gallery.



Our music department has grown and expanded to include a variety of options for students wishing to improve their skills on an instrument, play in music groups, or expand their knowledge of music theory.

keyboarding-2Instrumental music in 2nd-5th grade includes recorder, guitar, and wind ensembles. In middle school and high school students can sing in a choir, play in a rock band, learn to play guitar, or be part of a wind ensemble. Our small group instruction focuses not only on building technical skills, such as reading music, but also improvisation and creativity.

The upper school’s state-of-the-art music room is the best environment for studying and practicing music. With its six practice rooms, ample space for ensembles and large stage, it is a place for music students to do what they love.



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