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Affording SDJA

At SDJA, we understand the difficulties a private school education can present to many of our families. We strive to keep our tuition as low as possible and it is well below the cost of many other major San Diego private schools. Due to a very generous and supportive philanthropic community and innovative business practices, this can be accomplished without sacrificing educational excellence.

In addition to our competitive tuition, we offer several programs to our families to make a high-quality education more affordable.

Tuition Assistance

Offering nearly $1 million in tuition assistance to families every year, SDJA ensures that the student body is diverse and represents the Jewish community of San Diego. If you would like to attend SDJA, we encourage you to apply for tuition assistance. The process is confidential and helps many of our families benefit from an outstanding Jewish and general studies education.

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Tuition Credits and Programs

SDJA offers its parents several discounts that range from early enrollment to a multi-child discount.

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Payment Plans

SDJA works with FACTS Tuition Management Company to offer its parents a variety of tuition payment plans that offer smaller payments over a longer period of time.

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