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“We’ve been fortunate to be part of the SDJA family for over 12 years and this is our last (2015). Words cannot express my gratitude. Thanks for making it possible for my children to attend; for teaching and coaching and guiding; for maintaining the grounds and keeping the campus beautiful and safe; for running the office or driving the bus; for leading their way each day. For everything you do, big and small, from finger paints to tefillah, from field trips to Science Fair. I want you each to know your efforts are appreciated. You Matter. Toda Raba & Kol HaKavod!” SDJA Parent
“For the last 12 years, SDJA has been my home away from home. I am proud and grateful to be part of the SDJA community and feel a great sense of belonging. The school has been an essential part of my three kids’ education, not only in an exceptional academic level, but with a sense of kehillah – community.” – K. B., Parent of three SDJA students


“My daughter started SDJA in the second grade and she is now finishing up 8th grade. The school has felt like a family for us and I feel the education she is receiving – as well as the morals, values, and a great understanding of Judaism – is incredibly valuable. She has a tremendous love for her school, which for me, as a parent, is so wonderful to see.” – V. S., SDJA Parent
“My son is at the SDJA preschool. He loves coming to school, he is always talking about Shabbat or some other holiday he has learned a great song for. I am so happy with the Jewish learning at the preschool. I know my son is being molded into a true mensch.” – D. M. SDJA Parent


“My child came to SDJA shy and very introverted.  She received so much love and personal attention, that within a year she blossomed into one of the leaders of the class feeling confident about her identity and her capabilities.  I feel truly blessed with her teachers and the staff in general.”  D.K. SDJA Parent

I’ve been going here since kindergarten and have always found an incredibly supportive community of peers and teachers. I’ve created incredible memories on the soccer field, in the yearbook class, and during powderpuff festivities (to name a few). I am pretty grateful to have a lot of opportunities here that I likely wouldn’t have had elsewhere and have also enjoyed the ability to develop close relationships with teachers, who are passionate and eager to advance your learning.
SDJA has always offered plenty of opportunities for academic and extracurricular involvement and has also accommodated and adapted for continued exploration and growth as it became necessary. Beyond the content-based material that I’ve learned in class, SDJA has encouraged me to develop critical thinking skills, an ability to interact and cooperate with others, and a set of moral and ethical values. Ultimately, I believe my education at SDJA has prepared me for success in all facets of life. D.G. – SDJA Alumni


The important part is that my kids are enjoying being on teams, are learning a lot and are loving their sports.  As a parent I couldn’t ask for more.  I’m so excited for them. A.N. – SDJA Parent