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Student Support Services

At San Diego Jewish Academy we believe that the social-emotional growth of our students is a vital component of their education, helping them to succeed as individuals and as positive members of the community. We have a number of different, but complementary, support services in place to help students achieve these goals both in the Golda Meir Lower School and Maimonides Upper School. On campus, our team of teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, faculty advisors, and learning specialists collaborate to help students cultivate powerful tools with which to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Below please find a list of some of the support services that the Academy offers:

Learning Center

The Learning Center at San Diego Jewish Academy provides educational assistance, during school hours, for students to increase their success in the classroom. Small-group sessions combine both educational techniques and a global approach to learning. Unlike tutoring, which is often associated with one subject or content area, the learning center method is broader, emphasizing multiple strategies to help children learn more effectively. An integrative approach is taken; while organizing and completing homework or studying for upcoming tests and quizzes, students simultaneously learn the tools needed to become independent learners.

Learning Academy 

The Golda Meir Lower School’s Learning Academy, in partnership with Ashley Ravid Group, offers a range of small-group instruction and support for our first through fifth grade students, ensuring they have more opportunities for academic excellence. Among the courses and programs offered include typing, phonics, writing as well as math. To learn more about the Learning Academy, fees and course schedules, please click here.

ESL Program

The lower school offers an ESL program for students learning English as a Second Language. The ESL teacher conducts a pull-out program to give students directed lessons that strengthen vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing skills. Students are pulled out in small groups for approximately 30-45 minutes, three to five days per week with students of like ability and of similar age whenever possible. Because the majority of the school day is spent within the regular classroom among native English speakers, most students require just one or two years of ESL help before being fully integrated into their classrooms.

Guidance Counselor

A guidance counselor is on campus four days per week, and acts as a resource for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. The counselor teaches formal guidance lessons on topics such as resolving conflicts peacefully, peer relationships, and respect. The counselor works with individual and small groups of students to help them problem-solve, and runs social skills groups on an as-needed basis. Other services offered include professional development for staff, and parent coffees on topics involving the social and emotional development of students.

College Counseling

College counseling at San Diego Jewish Academy is grounded in introspection. In the freshman and sophomore years, students and parents meet informally with the Dean of Academic Affairs to discuss matters of academic counseling. Formal college counseling begins in the junior year. A meeting with students and parents is held in late fall, during which an overview of the college selection and application process is offered.

By the end of the process, good matches have been determined, and students go to destinations where they continue to grow. The Counseling Office smiles, just a touch, at each individual’s sense of triumph once the admission season draws to a close every year.


The San Diego Jewish Academy Library strives to build a collection of resources that meet the academic, research and pleasure-reading needs of faculty, students and parents. The SDJA Library is a member of the Association of Jewish Libraries and the California Association of Schools Library Network. The library has received a certificate of accreditation from the Association of Jewish Libraries (Synagogues, School and Community Centers Division).

SDJA Library Hours:
  • 7:30 am – 3:30 pm Monday – Thursday
  • 7:30 am – 2:30 pm Friday

To contact SDJA Library, call (858) 704-3751 or email sfeltman@sdja.com.

Kayefet After School Enrichment Program

The Kayefet (Fun) After School Enrichment Program provides enriching and fun after-school activities for students in grades K-5 in a nurturing and safe environment.

After School Childcare

After school childcare services are available Monday-Thursday from 3:05 PM – 5:30 PM and Friday from 2:45 PM – 5:00 PM. Please click here for more information or email AfterSchoolCare@sdja.com


To learn more about San Diego Jewish Academy, please contact our admissions department at (858) 704-3717 or admissions@sdja.com or click here to fill out an online inquiry.